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Our Mission

Shisha PipeIt is now blatantly obvious to all that government has set its stall at destroying smokers and/or their ability to smoke in peace & quiet. Having observed the abhorrent stigmatisation, disgraceful denormalisation & the personal persecution of businesses in this country, nasbouk has to state quite clearly that, with regard to a matter of personal choice, the British govenment have now far exceeded the bounds of decent human conduct in allowing such discrimination to occur against a minority faction (that existed quite happily) in this country. Smoker/smoking hatred has been carefully nutured over the past 20 years, similar to Nazi hatred of the Jews-and Germany was destroyed! In all consience we can no longer allow this disgraceful treatment of good, honest citizens to continue-are you with us or not with us?
Councils are now pouncing on Shisha bars/cafesbusinesses with any old excuse, simply to close them down-but Shisha bars/cafes are a way of life for a large majority of our people; they have been for over 3,000 years.

Unlike the English pubs or clubs, of which 12,000 have now been lost since the implementation of the smoking ban, Shisha bars/cafes are primarily a venue that cater for those who enjoy relaxing with perfectly legal tobacco products. All people entering are fully aware of the purpose of a Shisha bar/cafe and therefore do not enter if they are opposed to a)… others smoking or b)… do not like the smell of smoke themselves. In short, Shisha bars/cafes have a specific purpose.

Shisha bar/cafe business has steadily grown over the decades in line with immigrant settlers. In this age where Health & Safety rule our daily lives, no stone is left unturned by Environmental Health Officers in their quest to ensure that cleanliness & hygene are of the highest order. Shisha bars/cafes are, therefore, businesses that care greatly for their customers and take an enormous pride in their customer base and also in their ability to attract new customers.

Shisha bars/cafes are not simply a smoke orientated business, but a great social gathering place too, where ‘elders’ often meet with the teenage generation to educate and guide. A significant factor is that a very high percentage of these people understand the meaning of ‘respect’ whereas, sadly, a very high percentage of their white, British counterparts have seldom come across the word let alone understand its meaning! It keeps the younger, adolescent members of the Asian community off the streets-and out of trouble. It is also proven that these social gatherings are far more effective than simply using ‘home guidance’.

Our mission is a simple one. We must unite to keep our Shisha bars/cafes alive. It is our culture, an age old culture that must not be allowed to die because of some ideology from an unelected organisation that has resigned itself from fighting illegal substances (as they know they cannot beat the providers), to wage a war on those that choose to enjoy a perfectly legal substance-tobacco. We have seen what happens when people simply lay down submissively and listen to empty government promises (“clean air drinkers, they will come”), businesses die in their thousands. Our fathers and our forefathers were accepted in this land decades ago and invited to live in peace & harmony. They worked hard and succeeded in gaining a foothold in British society and have invested heavily in businesses & property, only to suddenly find that our culture, which harms no one, is no longer wanted here. After investing £100,000 (in some cases) to provide a ‘social habitat’, tailor made for Asian style relaxation, it is totally wrong to discriminate against our culture so as to appease some ideological notion that has gained a foothold.

We cannot allow our culture to be destroyed, we have a right not to be discriminated against and a right to representation. Nasbo is here to fight for all shisha bars and cafes, for we know that simple amendments to the indoor smoking ban will safeguard thousands of businesses, millions of pounds of investment and tens of thousands of jobs nationwide.

Our friends at SmokersJustice.co.uk now have the proof that this law has been corrupted in favour of smoke free enforcement and the only way to stop this relentless intrusion into our human rights is to unite. We must unite as one body otherwise, like the public house licensees, they will shut down premises one by one. That is an indisputable truth!

It’s your choice!

(1 YEAR – £25.00)

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Another murder-nothing new then!

     An Islington (London) shisha cafe that repeatedly flouted the smoking ban has been hit with a £3,000 fine. More easy money for the now corrupted judicial system of this country. We have a law that basically kills off certain types of businesses and lines the pockets of those who decide on the format of such laws. What a crazy country we now live in!

All the proof you ever needed of corruption is here folks!

     We have stated all along that the EU directive was to use the courts to deter any would be sinners with regard to the smoking ban ban this latest conviction is far beyond the realms of  ‘the benefit of the doubt’ or even ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ – for the latter maxim has definitely been totally forgotten by our legal system and those that sit in judgement. Just prior to the smoking ban law being implemented  I was informed by a magistrate friend


Common sense does prevail

As the lunatics find the truth emerging and that their idiotic idealism will eventually fail completely we find that outdoor shisha smoking laws have been quickly amended in Souq Wafiq


Leeds Council – a new “Praying Mantis”

     Anyone taking any notice of what is going on ‘ooop north’ lately? Leeds Council have now decided that “More needs to be done to deal with the creeping health timebomb that is Leeds’s growing shisha culture, licensing bosses have been told.”

     A creeping timebomb??? Priceless really when consider that this “timebomb” has been going on for 3,000 years!

Utter stupidity!

I am sorry to have to say this but on this occasion I can find very little sympathy for the owner [Mr Rward Mrad] of an Acton (London) premises – a shisha cafe that wasn’t even a recognised cafe!

The EHO hero’s strike again!

Yet again we see, trumpetted by the media, that another shisha emporium has been fined a total of £5,400 for allowing people to socialise and smoke in a building expressly designed for people to….. err….. socialise & smoke!

Moronic Bradford logic

Greetings to you all  and welcome to the land of lunacy-which seems to be starting up in Bradford – via one Councillor Andrew Thornton!

Cllr Thornton happily declares that 40% of Bradfords shisha bars have now been eradicated-thanks

Lancashire in Dreamland !

Lancashire have now decided that shisha bars pose a threat. Who too, well God only knows as only people that enjoy the pleasant past-time of smoking shisha … err… use shisha!

The ‘slimeballs’ have started!

     Here is a classic example of how to rid the streets of shisha outlets – public moaning! The ingredients are simple: some form of residents committee and a couple of non smoking, smoker hating Asians and a table to meet over. You do not need to be Einstein to see where this is going do you?