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The lengths to which they will go!

As I know from the many shisha bars/cafes I visit, we are an inquisitive lot and also a very mistrusting lot too! But, the question is, quite simply, who do we trust in a country that has turned its back on 25% of the population? Government say ‘trust us, we are doing this for your own good‘, but are they? I don’t think so-do you?

Beyond reason…!

Leicester have been hit again as local EHO, Gurdeep Dosanjh brings yet another heinous crime to court-SMOKING! The offences were committed on June 10th and July 6th last year. at Recharge, in Elizabeth Street, North Evington, Leicester. The business has now been closed for 6 months!

Case Studies

2 Case Studies that tell you exactly why NASBO is vital  to your business.
There is only one thing can stop the anti tobacco lobby –


Case study 1:


[The interview was conducted with the owner of a shisha bar owner in the north of England. His name and that of his business are closely guarded for obvious reasons. “Mr Anon” is fully aware that NASBO are there to protect and assist shisha bars/cafes and is happy to allow his interview to be published by NASBO.  We are grateful to “Mr Anon” for his honesty during this interview.]
Int: = Interviewer.

Mr Anon = Shisha bar owner.

The Law States…..

Welcome to the saddest part of our website – the law & smoking.

The 2006 Health Act was made  to discriminate against smokers and those that do not object to smokers/smoking. In stating that a smoking area must be 50% unenclosed, that part of the law immediately killed off all interior premises where smoking regularly took place. In the case of shisha bars/cafes, this effectively meant that whenever the weather was not warm customers would refrain from entering a premises, thus sales of food & drinks immediately began to suffer. We have reports of such as 70% loss of business-yet our fathers were invited into this country to work and create businesses!

False Claims

Jawad Rezavi

Jawad Rezavi winding down, enjoying that which is perfectly legal

It is claimed by the WHO, thus subsequently ASH et al that one shisha pipe lasting 2hrs is the equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes!