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Local Council strikes again!

Aisha’s Gardens
181 Evington Road, Leicester, has been closed down ‘with immediate effect‘ due to the smoking area being “more than 50% enclosed”

The truth will out !

A very interesting article appeared, online, in March this year, hosted by “Spiked”, an online tabloid that like to dig truth out in the face of abject lies & fabrications. Especially lies & fabrications for the use of regulation and prohibition purposes. The piece is entitled:

Shisha scaremongering: a load of hubble-bubble! (by Rania Hafez)

…and if you still think we are joking…!

If you still think we are joking about the safety of your little empires, your businesses, your life’s blood then I hope you can manage to take this next bit of information onboard.
It is well known that ASH/CRUK et al have their own ‘stooges’ in Parliament, ie, whenever a health issue is raised and it concerns smoking, one of their trusted stooges leaps up,

If you still think we are joking read on…..

Kamal Chaouachi

The Truth will out!

A passion not for hookah but for scientific integrity and accountability in tobacco research.



Tobacco researcher, mainly from a medical anthropology perspective. Scientific collaborator of various research centres in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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NEW SciTopics 2010 (10 Nov):Human Health, ““Waterpipe”” (Hookah, Narghile, Shisha)

Raison d’être
: Scientific integrity and accountability in tobacco research supporting public health interventions. Researcher and consultant in this field, mainly from a prevention critical medical anthropology transdisciplinary perspective (more elaborated than a mere inter-disciplinary side-by-side collaboration)[1]. Native of Tunisia-Middle East.Holder of a post-graduate diploma in Tobacco Science from the University of Paris (1998). Solid hard-scientific background (in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and electronics, studied for more than 4 years at university). Taught the hookah science to French doctors (University of Paris XI-XII; 2006-2010.) Consulted by the French Ministry of Health (national debate on controversial smoking ban). Scientific collaborator of various excellence research centres in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Read the rest here and learn what the WHO are actually creating!


 Ask yourself some questions!

So you think that your little empire is safe, your business is under no threat whatsoever and you are in control of your own destiny do you

Then I’ll say goodbye, ta ta, and good luck in the future for you obviously do not know what you are up against. But if you are interested in survival then read on…

ALL shisha, narghile, hookah lounges (cafe’s/bars) are under threat and it is only a matter of time before ‘they’ get you….. I shall now tell you why…..

Bullying? – You could be next!

They sink lower and lower in their efforts to rid the country of shisha bars, in fact, some councils efforts are now becoming contemptible as they use bullying tactics to force shisha bars into closure! Let me give you a ‘real live’ example:

Exactly why we need to unite!

OK, so this might not be a shisha bar/cafe situation but the facts are that this has also happened to shisha bar owners.

(I happen to know that a shisha cafe, holding a private family party, was prosecuted in exactly the same manner)

A report just in typifies the pathetic, unrelenting nature of this smoking ban-and exactly why shisha bars/cafes need to unite to fight for an amendment to this spiteful, restrictive & socially destructive ban.
A landlady in Bolton was sat enjoying a drink and a cigarette, with friends, in her own pub at 2 am in the morning when it was raided by the police, accompanied by EHO’s.