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Even dungeons are no longer safe!

To ratify something immediately,  “A dungeon is a room or cell in which prisoners are held, especially underground.” In other words, no one except specific types of person would enter such a room/cell unless they had good reason to do so – or, of course, they were into masochism! Therefore it would be safe to assume that such a place, an underground room, in which to imprison smoke, would be the ideal

Killing me softly with this song!

I have no doubt bthat you have all seen this by now – YES/NO? Huddersfield Shisha bar hit with a monstrous £14,000 fine. Actually, the total cost was £15,794 as the council racked up their usual

Confiscation matters

Perhaps some of you that do take notice of what is written here will now be starting to realise that the war on shisha smoking (backed up by the WHO’s ridiculous claim that 1 pipe equals 200, 500, even a 1,000 cigarettes) is becoming more and more severe. Magistrates have now realised that they have another vital weapon

“Non Tobacco” Shisha

It may be of interest to some that the non tobacco shisha market is growing at a steady pace. As demand has grown so has choice of products available. We have found an excellent site for you to peruse and make your own minds up.

The WHO strike again-shisha now banned!


I knew it would only be a matter of time before the World Health Organisation found a way to impress upon governments that shisha pipes must be banned in public places - I was right!

Kazakhstan bans smoking shisha in public places