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I had a very interesting conversation with a journalist (Ben Cook, Planning Magazine) this morning who  informed me that Newham Borough Council planning department’s policy is not to grant planning permission for premises that will be used exclusively as shisha bars because, in the council’s view, shisha smoking is “not healthy and causes massive medical problems”. Now just who the hell are these people to sit in judgement over others with regard to their lifestyle choices?

Look what is coming now!

Well, we had the Queens speech last week, I doubt you bothered to watch it, I certainly didn’t for it is usually boring and pointless but this year is a little different-especially for all those that try to run a shisha business!

Leeds EHO’s 2 v 0 Local Shisha

What can we say? We warned all shisha businesses last year that the local councils would be cracking down on shisha businesses – with a view to closing them down. We also warned all shisha businesses to be extremely careful how they handled their affairs but it seems that no care has been taken whatsoever as now, two Leeds shishas’ have been hammered by the courts:

Black day in Blackburn

Illegal shisha bar raided and closed down in Blackburn, Lancashire. This has an unsavoury flavour as tweo girls aged 13 & 15 were present when police offiucers raided the place. Whoever was running this “Velvet” shisha bar was an idiot for the mere fact that children were present gives the EHO’s, police and child protection people even more ammunition to raid shisha bars at will. It will soon be the norm for any magistrate to grant a warrant for even the weirdest of reasons simply because it is a shisha bar.

Beware local councils on the march

It is incredible to think that we have a government so stupid as to believe all the hype surrounding SHS (second hand smoke) and what they claim to be the health hazards of such. This is nothing of the sort as the World Health Organisation has simply introduced as many ‘studies’ as is needed to convince gullible. The problem being of course that none of the so called studies are of any scientific use!

Nasbouk letter to all MPs


Dear Member of Parliament,                                      04/05/13            

                We write to you in the hope that, finally, this country will see common sense and also listen to reason. We are now approaching the 6th anniversary of the worst law implemented in this country since the equally ludicrous “Clockmakers Tax” of the 1790’s. We refer of course to the poorly implemented smoking ban which has caused so much suffering in what is supposedly a democratic nation-except that it now seems that ‘democracy’ is spelt dictatorship!

The RELIGIOUS twist from the WHO!

There are no depths to which the World Health Organisation will NOT plummet to and now we have the proof of their despicable ways. Shisha/Hookah smoking has been the eastern way for thousands of years but when the WHO wanted to eradicate shisha smoking they turned the screws on the highly religious factions of Islam, purporting the act to be sinful & immoral-it worked!