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The ‘slimeballs’ have started!

     Here is a classic example of how to rid the streets of shisha outlets – public moaning! The ingredients are simple: some form of residents committee and a couple of non smoking, smoker hating Asians and a table to meet over. You do not need to be Einstein to see where this is going do you?

2013 Shisha Business Survey

Shisha Survey

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Victims-there’s only one here!

Mohammed Ethari was hauled before the courts after he was caught out by Brent Council EHOs for allowing smoking, in a smoking premises that was purpose built to house those who choose to smoke. The biggest joke of all is that Willesden Magistrates added on £120 “Victim Surcharge” to the, again, massively disproportionate fines dished out for what is

Abuse of Canvas!

     This is how low Environmental Health Officers will stoop to gain a prosecution-and I thought that things couldn’t get any worse than they already are!

     Dabir Ahmed, 36, admitted allowing customers to smoke “in a substantially enclosed area” at his shisha bar in Poplar when he appeared before Thames magistrates. It was a tent for God’s sake!