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Just how corrupted is our legal system nowadays?

          I have been appraised of a situation whereby a shisha cafe/bar owner has sent in all the relevant documentation, claiming damages (ie; restitution from his local council) – for all the shop front damage caused when they (the local EHO’s) ordered a burly policeman to “break in“, using a crowbar (!) even though the premises was actually open and full of customers at the time. The shop frontage is comprises entirely of pre-cast, re-inforced, aluminium quadrangle.      The girl who tended the door had allowed the last ‘pre-booked‘ customer in some minutes earlier and had locked the door, leaving the key next to the till so as to continue serving customers, and  also so as to prevent any of the areas less salubrious residents from entering and causing mayhem. The local MP is only too aware of the immigrant drug related problems in the area – yet the local councillor seemed unaware, or was instructed to be ‘unaware’!

     The door & frame were made of solid stock and were much approved by all police forces as an anti-burglar deterrent when first invented – thus, the door/door lock & frame were never going to succumb to a mere crowbar!

     The upshot was that they all trooped to the rear of the building as the door, door locking machanism & framework were all rendered useless as a security measure thanks to the utter stupidity of an ignorant EHO.

Now the reason I tell you all this is four-fold:

a)… The policeman, on the night, advised the business owner to sue the council as it was upon their instruction that he tried to force open the unenforceable!

b)… They illegally attempted to raid the flat above the business, which is a privately rented abode and is a completely separate entity….

c)… They frightened all the customers half to death, many of whom have written ‘complaint statements‘ concerning the nights events (they have all been filed correctly).

d)… All documentation has been shown to three individual, retired magistrates for ‘considered opinion’ and all three have declared that the council should make restitution. Hence the business owner has forked out the necessary £205.00 fee at his local courthouse and sent all documentation off to Salford (Manchester). Now won’t this be interesting as who knows what wheels turn within what wheels???

     Now I add the last little gem because many of us already know just how corrupted our laws have become since June 1st, 2007 (and if anyone wants to take me on with that statement, they are quite welcome to – I look forward to the challenge  )

     It appears that the council has replied to the gentleman’s legal challenge stating that they will defend ‘robustly’ (much favoured word at the moment) and should they be successful, they will of course be claiming THEIR legal expenditure from the business owner!

     That is absolutely priceless as it has cost this poor soul £205.00 in the first place to even challenge for his rightful reparation-but of course we must remember that nobody, but nobody is allowed to challenge the almighty local council/s – wherever it/they may be!

     I will update this saga as it unfolds folks