All the proof you ever needed of corruption is here folks!

     We have stated all along that the EU directive was to use the courts to deter any would be sinners with regard to the smoking ban ban this latest conviction is far beyond the realms of  ‘the benefit of the doubt’ or even ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ – for the latter maxim has definitely been totally forgotten by our legal system and those that sit in judgement. Just prior to the smoking ban law being implemented  I was informed by a magistrate friend



 of mine that ‘they’ had been ordered to ‘crack down’ on all smoking related offenders, whether they actually be guilty or not! Naturally I did not believe such a thing could happen for the simple reason that uour legal system prided itself on being the most just system in the world-sadly it is far from that these days as any person bropught before the courts on any trumped up charge by EHOs, anywhere in the country, WILL be found guilty no matter what evidence they produce to the contrary.


     The latest case brought against a shisha bar owner involves ‘the new kid on the block’;’ ie STEAM STONES. Now then, can anyone tell me how STEAM stones constitute smoking when in actual fact it is flavoured steam that is inhaled; ie, vapour-similar to the e-cigarette!


One only has to read the information on this page (from the manufacturers) to realise that the above is the truth.


Whoever represented the unfortunate owner is obviously either extremely ignorant of this subject or simply part of the circus  which represents our legal system these days-or both! You only have to read the scientific findings:


Hereby no solid particles are released, but only fine liquid particles in the form of vapour. Shiazo does not generate smoke, because smoke is defined as a combustion product of organic substances with a mixture of solid particles and air. Shiazo is also free of nicotine. By using Shiazo with an electronic charcoal instead of real charcoal also no PAH, heavy metals or carbon monoxide occurs either.


….. to realise that no actual smoking was taking place. This would be the same situation as a pub full of “VAPERS”; ie, e-cig ‘smokers’. It is so simple as to how this new technology works:


The SHIAZO minerals are 100% natural. Once prepared, the diameters of the mineral pores are below one nanometre and therefore enhance the effective surface area to more than the 20,000th of its original size. That is why SHIAZO is able to absorb liquids very efficiently.

Open spaces between the steam-stones are created when putting them into the bowl loosely. Once heated, the temperature will rise until boiling point of the liquid is reached. The aromatic vapour is then produced ready to breathe.


     It matters not how the steam stones are heated, the source of the heat is not being inhaled, the flavoured steam from the stones is what is being absorbed by the inhaler/user: therefore this prosecution is totally fallacious and malicious, no doubt found proven by a magistrate that has no idea of what STEAM STONES actually are.


     The second, and most important point, is that this prosecution was no doubt presented as a clear breach of the smoking ban law when in actual fact it was no such thing  – but a magistrate would not know this.


     The third point, and a very sad point too, is that the defending ‘brief’ was also obviously completely inadequate in his explanation of how these STEAM STONES actually work, for had he/she done so correctly it would have been made abundantly clear to the presiding magistrates that no one was actually smoking a “lit material” and no “combustible” effects were in evidence.

      The saddest part of all is that should the owner appeal to a higher court, that higher court will still find in favour of the magistrates decision for they dare not upset the EU directives!