…and if you still think we are joking…!

If you still think we are joking about the safety of your little empires, your businesses, your life’s blood then I hope you can manage to take this next bit of information onboard.
It is well known that ASH/CRUK et al have their own ‘stooges’ in Parliament, ie, whenever a health issue is raised and it concerns smoking, one of their trusted stooges leaps up,

flaps his hand about and (when granted audience) spouts off all the pre- prepared garbage that ASH/CRUK want to be heard by the House of Commons. Now you may think this is an impossibility but I assure you that this is the very truth, and it is also the very reason that ‘their side’ is ALWAYS heard first-and we all know what they say about first impressions!

Beware this man, Mark Hendrick MP, Preston (Labour) who entered Parliament in November 2000. look through his record here, there is nothing much of note but suddenly he is up on his feet on July 19th, 2011 (during a debate primarily about Licensed Betting Offices) and starts spouting to the House of Commons about the rise in numbers of shisha lounges in this country. Now you may well ask what have shisha smoking & betting offices got to do with each other apart from both being a form of entertainment (?). You would be right (nothing), but this was an intended ‘insert’ to ensure that an introductory speech was made to the HofC and is now recorded in Hansard (Parliamentary Record of daily business). It can now always be referred back to with….” as my honourable friend will recall, this matter was presented to this House on 19th July, 2011, where it……” of course no one will have a clue what he’s babbling on about but the fact that this one ‘stooge’ has re-raised the matter will be enough to convince many of the ‘lost the plot merchants‘ in there (the House of Commons) that this is indeed a grave & serious matter, therefore, so as not to appear ignorant and out of touch they must follow the honourable members words etc.

Luckily for us, his maiden speech on the shisha culture is saved and I reproduce it here for you to read. Enjoy!

In a 4 minute speech he manages to utter the words “shisha” or “smoking” 35 times. He has done this simply because smoking is the taboo subject, the scourge of the earth at this present time and therefore the words are uttered so as to maximise the effect of what he is saying. I will now pick out just a couple of bits from his speech and comment:-

… as shisha smoking is seen as a legitimate social activity compared with drinking alcohol.

Err. it is legal (legitimate), what is wrong with a socially relaxing atmosphere and enjoying a shisha pipe? This is a very simply method of conveying that a legitimate past-time should now be considered illegitimate!

… Shisha smokers expose themselves to nicotine, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and other cancer-causing chemicals, and they do so in much greater quantities than those smoking a cigarette.

A blatant lie spoken to however many MPs happen to be in the chamber. Of course what Mr Hendricks does not realise is that NASBO has been set up to destroy these lies when spoken in the HofC as we have our own MPs for such occasions. He spoke the words of ASH who want all MPs to believe that smoking one shisha can equate to smoking 200 cigarettes. Note he doesn’t mention that cancer is now also attributable to tea drinking!


…The health dangers associated with smoking tobacco are now well established. (tell the same lie often enough……. and people are stupid enough to believe it eventually!)

Sadly for Mr Hendrick they are NOT well established. This is another ploy to ensure MPs think they are dealing with ‘sarin gas‘ because, as yet, there is no death certificate (worldwide) that states that SHS has been the causation of demise and there never will be. Of course, smoking MAY be a contributory factor in a death but then so are thousands of other pollutants that Mr Hendricks somehow fails to mention!

Now Mr Hendrick is no expert on shisha, narghile, hookah usage/smoking but with ASH?CRUK et al behind him he has his chance to shine in an environment he would normally be somewhat silent in-and that’s if he bothered to attend in the first place. He voted ‘moderately’ for the smoking ban and is a perfect candidate to ‘front’ for ASH.

ASH will write all his little speeches for him by which means he can lie to the rest of the MPs in his ignorance of the facts. The truth is that unless we unite against this army of liars & fraudsters, local councils will slowly but surely wipe out shisha lounges nationwide. They don’t care that your business is lost, or that your family might starve, in fact they don’t care about anything at the moment except forcing this country to become smoke free-something that is never going to happen!