Another murder-nothing new then!

     An Islington (London) shisha cafe that repeatedly flouted the smoking ban has been hit with a £3,000 fine. More easy money for the now corrupted judicial system of this country. We have a law that basically kills off certain types of businesses and lines the pockets of those who decide on the format of such laws. What a crazy country we now live in!

     Proprietor Brawen Mengesha routinely provided shisha pipes for visitors to Gifa cafe & Shisha on Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, (which has been awarded 5/5 for food hygene) to smoke inside his premises contrary to the Health Act 2006, which covers all enclosed public places and workplaces.

     The small matter of him not actually being at the premises at the time any smoking related offences took place seems to have been dismissed out of hand so one can simply assume that if one owns a car that causes an accident, after it has been stolen and you are not driving it, YOU are liable for the accident!

Manchester cafe owner fined over shisha pipe smoking

     Quote: “According to the World Health Organisation, smoking a shisha pipe
involves inhaling much higher quantities of harmful smoke than several
packets of cigarettes.” Does it now? And what study are we going to dream up to substantiate that idiotic theory may I ask?

     Quote: “The defendant argued that as he was not personally present on the dates of the offences he could not be held responsible if others allowed smoking inside…” Quite right too. How can anyone NOT present be guilty of an offence at the time he was not on the premises? Would he still have been guilty had he been in India or Pakistan? Would he still be guilty were he in hospital having an operation or being held by the courts on terrorism charges? Of course he can’t be guilty of not overseeing something if he is not there-pure common sense. But then, when it comes to this intolerable smoking ban law there is no common sense. it is simply used as a ‘cash cow’ and as a ‘legal’ way to murder good, solid businesses. EHOs are now no better than Hitlers henchmen were 70 years ago-it never bothered them who disappeared offg the face of the earth either!

     Quote: “Both arguments were rejected by the court, which also dismissed a plea that on one occasion the premises were not open to the public.”
Of course they were rejected by the courts, because common sense has gone out of the window bigtime. Aside from the common sense angle, the EU diktat on tobacco related prosecutions is sacrosanct….. “thou will be found guilty no matter what the evidence presented”. You only have to check up on LACORS to realise just how twisted this country has become as innocent people are still guilty if charged-and we have the proof!

   Apparently, once designated as a cafe, whether it be open or closed, it is still a business premises and therefore subject to this ridiculous law, a family function behind closed, locked doors still renders the place as a business premises!

The laughable  thing about this court appearance is that should Brawen Mengesha decide that it is not worth continuing trying to run a business in a country that no longer wants his business, then he will join the thousands that have already signed on as unemployed courtesy of this ludicrous ban. So, over the next 5-10-20-30 years, how much much will this prosecution really cost this country? We know it has cost Brawen Mengesha £3,000 but he has the perfect reason for unemployment – Government Closures by reason of badly implemented Laws.

     However, there is a simple way around this situation -and it is totally legal ! EHOs…eat your heartless hearts out. :)