(Shisha bar Raid) Bullying-it has now started!

News has come in that after my warning to you all about ‘bully-boy tactics’ from local councils, we now have a prima facie case of exactly such. I am sworn to protect the anonymity of the business involved and also warn that the matter is sub judice



as the proper legal redress format is being applied but the National Association of Shisha Bar Owners will be employing all their resources to ensure that the offending council make good all damage & compensate fully for disruption, personal stress & subsequent loss of business.

Ramadan has been observed, therefore the shisha bar/restaurant did not open until 11.01pm. At approximately 12.05 am there was a loud banging on the front door-which was locked for security purposes due to the time factor and the local gangs roaming the streets. The proprietors waitress went to unlock the door only to find a large Police Officer trying to force the door open with a large, heavy duty crowbar! In total there were 4 EHO’s & 5 Police Officers trying to force their way into restaurant. This can most certainly be construed as “WOTT”- (way over the top).

more to follow…..

It appears that the local council claim that “numerous complaints were made about smoking taking place in the premises of ***************, therefore due to the seriousness of the offence/s reported we were duty bound to use the full weight of the law to investigate.”

Indeed, a complaint, if it had actually been lodged, had to be investigated but it is the manner of the investigation that has to be questionned.

Are commando style ‘drugs bust’ tactics necessary when people are trying to let them in?

Are EHO’s now in possession of more power than they can handle?

Are EHO’s now empowered to destroy a person’s property in pursuit of something they cannot even know is there or not?

Are EHO’s so mighty that they need the attentions of 5 police officers to help them to break into someone’s property?

more to follow…..

it now transpires that a warrant was gained from *************** City Magistrates with the inclusion that“force may need to be used to gain a fast & effective entry”.
Now we are talking about there POSSIBLY being smoking going on in an enclosed space-and quite possibly NOT; ie a restaurant, not a major drug dealership in progress!

The most ridiculous part of this “forced entry” attempted by the police, at the behest of the local EHO’s, is that a serving girl was trying to unlock the restaurant door from the inside as the burly police officer was trying to force a burglar proof door (& frame) open from the outside-she actually had the key in the lock!
Hence, the ” fast & effective entry” they so badly wanted was thwarted by their own stupidity! Apparently, after they had totally destroyed the locking mechanisms and distorted the door frame beyond repair they all trouped around the back of the premises and entered via the fire escape route!

More to come…..

(16/09/12)I can now inform you that after legal advice has been sought, an official letter of complaint has been registered with the council involved and a fair & just claim for compensation lodged. This is going to get interesting…

More to come…..

Legal sources have now been employed as the council have refused to re-imburse the owner for the damage to his shop door & frontage, stating that they consider that  because the serving girl took 40 seconds to open the door (from their initial knocking) they were fully entitled to try and force the door open with an enormous crowbar. (they actually started forcing an entry afetr a mere 20 seconds!)

The point here is that the restaurant was already full to capacity, she was in the middle of serving customers at their table and only went to the door to tell whoever it was that they could not allow anymore customers in!

More to come…..

09/11/12… The local MP has now become involved as he states that “the force employed, because someone ‘might be smoking’ is extremely excessive. They acted irresponsibly and should therefore pay for the damage caused, unnecessarily to the door and frame…Now this is going to get interesting indeed! :)