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The HYPOCRISY of councils!

This is unbelievable as far as double standards go – and even more so as it comes from Bradford Council who prosecuted yet another shisha bar/cafe as reported here a few days ago. Let me remind you of some of the ‘verbal gems‘ from Council staff:


I had a very interesting conversation with a journalist (Ben Cook, Planning Magazine) this morning who  informed me that Newham Borough Council planning department’s policy is not to grant planning permission for premises that will be used exclusively as shisha bars because, in the council’s view, shisha smoking is “not healthy and causes massive medical problems”. Now just who the hell are these people to sit in judgement over others with regard to their lifestyle choices?

Nasbouk letter to all MPs


Dear Member of Parliament,                                      04/05/13            

                We write to you in the hope that, finally, this country will see common sense and also listen to reason. We are now approaching the 6th anniversary of the worst law implemented in this country since the equally ludicrous “Clockmakers Tax” of the 1790’s. We refer of course to the poorly implemented smoking ban which has caused so much suffering in what is supposedly a democratic nation-except that it now seems that ‘democracy’ is spelt dictatorship!