Join NASBO now (please note that you are free to browse the page and are under no obligation, but we think you will clearly see why you really do need to join the only organisation fighting for your rights to trade).

If you have already leafed through our website you will see that we have pointed out some of the reasons for joining the National Association of Shisha Bar Owners. The organisation has been set up to cater for all the needs of the shisha communities for we know that the World Health Organisation are relentless in their pursuit of eradicating (wiping out) tobacco usage. ASH are their pawns in the game, and very highly paid pawns they are too! Let us list some of the reasons you need to consider:

1… Shisha/Hookah/Narghile is a 3,000 (+) year old culture.

2… That culture was invited (and accepted) into this country.

3… The law is based, feloniously, on junk science.

4… The claim that SHS kills is a total lie.

5… The ‘invented’ 3rd hand smoke situation is even more ludicrous.

6… The law & courts have been totally corrupted to force people to submit to this law. now have the proof.

7… Our sister site has clear evidence of the devious tactics used when “a prosecution must be gained”

8… Councils have been instructed to eradicate shisha cafes/bars.

9… Smoking offences are not the only means by which councils can & will close down your businesses.

10… There are paid informers out there, only too happy to snitch on any misdemeanour.

11… Muslim leaders are being targeted to declare smoking now prohibited under Muslim law.

12… Very little is known about shisha smoking yet an MP speaks ‘with authority’ on the subject-he is not an ‘authority, he is a lackey of ASH & WHO, a mere repeater of their words!

13… The world’s leading authority, Dr Kamal Chaouachi has been removed (3 times) from the WHO’s ‘top table’ for disagreeing with the junk science employed.

14… ASH et al now rush any claim into the media spotlight, immediately backed up by tainted statistical ‘evidence’-usually provided by YouGov.

15… Andrew Lansley, promised riches beyond compare (?) is not your friend. The Health Minister wants a tobacco free country. He is a dangerous man!


We could list more, but if the above is not enough to convince you that NASBO is the place for you then we wish you luck with your endeavours.

Remember the licensees? They didn’t fight and now they are 10,000 less!

Remember the clubs? They didn’t fight and now they are over 1,000 less!

Remember Bingo halls? They didn’t fight and now they are almost 850 less!

Robert Baden-Powell started the Boy Scouts movement in 1907 .He held the first Brownsea Island Scout camp, which is now seen as the beginning of Scouting. His motto to the boys was quite simple: “Be Prepared”

I say this to our shisha/hookah friends, you also need to “Be Prepared”!


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