Leeds Council – a new “Praying Mantis”

     Anyone taking any notice of what is going on ‘ooop north’ lately? Leeds Council have now decided that “More needs to be done to deal with the creeping health timebomb that is Leeds’s growing shisha culture, licensing bosses have been told.”

     A creeping timebomb??? Priceless really when consider that this “timebomb” has been going on for 3,000 years!

     If one translates this into ‘anti tobacco speak’ it simply means that ‘we have decided to wipe out shisha smoking in Leeds’ as we don’t like it and we have the medical back up behind us.’

Just how deep is their “Smoker Hatred”?

     In actual fact they don’t have the medical ‘back up’ as the science, sorry, the junk science, behind the bans is falling apart at a rate of knots. Not only is the junk science falling apart, the World Health Organisation, in their infinite wisdom, have now declared that home cooking, exhaust fumes and general air pollution are all leading causes of cancer.

The Leeds Praying Mantis Council

     So, Leeds Council, should we stop cooking, stop driving vehicles and STOP BREATHING the air altogether? Breathing carcinogenic polluted air is a leading cause of cancer so why aren’t Leeds Council persecuting all those that foul the air we breathe on our streets? Why have they decided to be the ‘praying mantis‘ of all shisha bars. Do they want to wipe out mopre businesses, restrict even more money flowing into council coffers, leave more premises empty to simply go derelict and ready for arsonists?

Rendezvous cafe, Clarendon Road, Leeds.

Rents lost, rates lost, employment lost-all hope lost!

     Before there was ever a smoking ban, in the times when normality reigned, shisha bars went quietly about their business. Nobody bothered about them because they themselves bothered nobody. They were created for those people who enjoyed smoking a form of flavoured tobacco, by those who chose to socialise with a smoke and perhaps a coffe, but then lunacy struck, thanks to Blairs useless, expensive & killjoy government. Now, apparently, shisha bars are a “creeping health timebomb”! How utterly ridiculous these people really are for all they are trying to do is to whip up a storm of public hatred. Inciting hatred is a criminal offence I believe!

    The smoking ban has simply turned ‘snotty little nomarks’ into self important council nazi jobsworths, happy to murder at will and create more and more financial pressures for this country. How can anyone delight in killing off peoples businesses, peoples dreams & aspirations because of a law that was implemented absolutely improperly? When this evil law is amended, and it will be, what are these nasty little people going to turn their hand to then? How much money are they going to compensate these business owners (ex) with from the taxpayers pockets? What will their paltry excuses be?

     We now know that many councils follow this blog as they think we are going to publicly announce the way around this ban for the shisha people who are being persecuted beyond all reason. (Fat chance of that!) These are people that have ploughed £thousands into their businesses-to cater for their own people, people who choose to smoke. These people do not need a praying mantis sitting in judgement, waiting to pounce so as to haul into a corrupted court to penalise beyond all comprehension. Remember, smoking can cost you £5,000 but mugging someone for that £5,000 will only cost you £100 !

Perhaps a few numbskull councillors need mugging to show them a taste of what goes on in the real world of earning  living!