Moronic response from Bradford !!!

     No doubt many of you will have seen that Junoon Experience Ltd in Grattan Road, Bradford were raided (yet again because of an anonymous tip-off) and duly hauled before the courts. The owners were fined £2,500 + £653 costs and a £120 surcharge.  They did not bother to attend the court hearing – and I don’t blame them for no matter what they may have said, the intolerance of anti smokers and the directives from the EU Tobacco Control would have remained exactly the same.

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     Hopefully the owners of Junoon Experience Ltd will now close the business completely and follow our exceedingly simply format of signing on as unemployed – reason for unemployment: Government Law based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science. They simply cannot argue with that!

Communities of ALL nationalities enjoying shisha!

     Sad though it is that a perfectly legal pursuit has been deemed illegal indoors and sad that it is that yet another business closes its doors, there is a certain amount of humour attached to this report for :

After the case, Councillor Val Slater, Bradford Council’s executive member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “Shisha lounges are subject to the same smoke-free regulations as any other business. If businesses flout the ban on smoking on their premises, they can expect to end up before the courts. It is essential to protect the public from the harmful effects of smoke and we will continue to work hard to enforce the legislation throughout the district”.

     Do you see the great fault with her rhetoric on this matter? Seen it yet? Oh dear me members it’s so easy –> “It is essential to protect the public from the harmful effects of smoke …….” .      Firstly there are no “PUBLIC” in the premises, only those who chose to0 enjoy a legal product & secondly what are the harmful effects of smoke that she blathers on about? SHS has aslready been classed as harmless so this poor lady has joined the “we follow the script2 brigade – like so many others!

Even the ladies enjoy chilling out with a shisha!

     As per members complaints I have written to this councillor who informs me that “…. As a Council we are working actively to deal with air quality …..” yet smoking has nothing to do with such but road traffic, which pollutes Bradfords air every second of every day does and I see no bans on traffic! She also states “….. I do believe that the ban was introduced on health grounds and I am convinced by the health evidence especially about shisha…..” Very bold words from someone who knows absolutely nothing about the way the ban was brought in and probably has never tasted/smoked/sniffed a shisha pipe! Incidentally, I did send her a copy of Godbers now infamous statement to the WHO in 1975 but she has totally ignored the fact that Godber decreed that “….. it was essential to foster an atmosphere…..” ie, kid people into believing by using trickery, falsehoods, misinformation, in fact, anything that would do the job!

     To top it all the very honourable (but very ill informed Councillor) further stated I have now read your website and am appalled at the emotive language used throughout and the views expressed. How you can say you dont lecture is unbelievable – it is full of outrageous propaganda.
I have no desire to have further communication with either you or your organisation.”

     Our website, which deals only in truth, is apparently, simply full of ‘propaganda‘!

     Emotive??? It is bound to be emoitive as this ludicrous blanket law costs this country £1/2bn every single month and also denies business owners the rights to run their own busnesses as they see fit. Now who would have believed that, had this most erudite councillor not said that – especially as our patron is the worlds foremost expert on shisha pipes/smoking Dr Kamal Chaouachi, who himself was removed from the “TOP TABLE” of/by Global-Link as he objected to their totally unscientific methods used to bring about ‘evidence to support smoking bans’. Here is just a snippet of the rubbish used by law enacters & unscientific ‘scientists’!
Perhaps a few of you might like to  email this ill-informed councillor so as to enlighten her somewhat!