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Moronic Bradford logic

Greetings to you all  and welcome to the land of lunacy-which seems to be starting up in Bradford – via one Councillor Andrew Thornton!

Cllr Thornton happily declares that 40% of Bradfords shisha bars have now been eradicated-thanks

Lancashire in Dreamland !

Lancashire have now decided that shisha bars pose a threat. Who too, well God only knows as only people that enjoy the pleasant past-time of smoking shisha … err… use shisha!

The ‘slimeballs’ have started!

     Here is a classic example of how to rid the streets of shisha outlets – public moaning! The ingredients are simple: some form of residents committee and a couple of non smoking, smoker hating Asians and a table to meet over. You do not need to be Einstein to see where this is going do you?

2013 Shisha Business Survey

Shisha Survey

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Victims-there’s only one here!

Mohammed Ethari was hauled before the courts after he was caught out by Brent Council EHOs for allowing smoking, in a smoking premises that was purpose built to house those who choose to smoke. The biggest joke of all is that Willesden Magistrates added on £120 “Victim Surcharge” to the, again, massively disproportionate fines dished out for what is

Abuse of Canvas!

     This is how low Environmental Health Officers will stoop to gain a prosecution-and I thought that things couldn’t get any worse than they already are!

     Dabir Ahmed, 36, admitted allowing customers to smoke “in a substantially enclosed area” at his shisha bar in Poplar when he appeared before Thames magistrates. It was a tent for God’s sake!

Double stupidity

Firstly I have to re-iterate how stupid this law is when consenting adults congregate for a common purpose, in a purpose built building. But, the stupidity will continue until smokers band together to fight this law!

Fifty people seen smoking-only two owners prosecuted-what does that tell you? They simply want to kill off the businesses, it’s so obvious! Pasha shisha cafe



     It’s amazing what a couple of days creates, especially when people are angry & upset! The latest edict by Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin has set the muslim world alight (no pun intended) for not only has this supposed democratic leader banned shisha smoking (haram) he has forbidden any muslims to even deal with shisha pipes/tobacco in any way, shape or form!

The WHO “USE” religion-big surprise….. !



    It is well known that the WHO will stoop to any level to get what they want – and what they want is the complete eradication of smoking of any form of tobacco. The WHO have also built up their store of Muslim members, simply for the purpose of using them when they think the time is right-and that time is now!

Closure – the ENDgame !

     Many months ago I warned all shisha cafe owners of what the intention was with regard to their businesses, but many ignored the advice. For those shisha bars that are highly popular, well attended & doing exceptional business then the problems of flouting the indoor smoking ban law are simply an irritation. But for those lesser places of business, the courts are simply crippling the owners financially. It doesn’t actually matter if