The EHO hero’s strike again!

Yet again we see, trumpetted by the media, that another shisha emporium has been fined a total of £5,400 for allowing people to socialise and smoke in a building expressly designed for people to….. err….. socialise & smoke!

Bolton Council have prosecuted what is basically a “Nissen Hut” which has been adapted to accomodate those who wish to enjoy each others company whilst also enjoying a shisha pipe or three.

Andrew Morris, prosecuting on behalf of Bolton Council, said “the cafe is known as being a shisha cafe where pipes are smoked.”

He told the court: “The cafe is obviously set up for the purpose of smoking. The whole thing is for smoking to take place.” Mr Morris alsosaid “the business fell within the provisions of being a ‘smoke-free premises’”.

Now obviously, the question arises here is simple: was this nissen hut registered as a bona fide` business? Was it registered as a cafe with the local council?

FINED The Bunker which houses Arabian Mist

If the ‘nissen hut’ was privately owned and not registered as a business then it doesn’t matter if Guido Fawkes himself sits in there smoking-it is nothing to do with this idiotic 50% open smoking law!

If it was registered as a bona fide` business then I’m afraid that the owners have been very silly indeed, blatantly flouting this imbecilic law which doesn’t allow adults freedom of choice-the penbalty being of course monetary. Anything to get money from the people of this country, £5,400′s worth of misery heaped upon another business.

Riyaz Patel, aged 23, a manager at the business, is accused of failing to prevent smoking on November 11. The court heard yesterday that Patel will not face prosecution if he accepts the charge and will be face a caution from Bolton Council. The owners of Arabian Mist could not be reached for comment.

So, Riyaz Patel might has well ‘hold his hands up’ and receive a silly caution from the council as it basically means nothing-and more importantly it will cost the lad nothing!

Chairman of the bench Mr Mather (another clone of the EU system) ordered the owners of  Arabian Mist to pay a £4,000 fine, £1,000 court costs and a £400 victim surcharge. Yet again we laugh at the absurdity of this victim surcharge for there are no victims! All invol;ved were quite happy to smoke shisha or whatever else tickled their fancy!

Hopefully, as a final twist in the tail for these avaricious councils (who will always claim that they were only following orders [the Nazi's tried that at the Nuremburg trials] ), the owners will no longer be living in this country and will therefore the courts will not draw a copper coin from their persecutory practices. No doubt these words will upset many councils that follow this website but we do not really care about that as we are here to advise & protect shisha bar owners the length & breadth of the country. What you all have to understand is that councils and the judiciary in general have used the smoking ban as nothing more than a CASH COW!

All the above is yet another reason for the shisha people to unite as they are being picked off one by one-and this will continue to happen as singletons!