The HYPOCRISY of councils!

This is unbelievable as far as double standards go – and even more so as it comes from Bradford Council who prosecuted yet another shisha bar/cafe as reported here a few days ago. Let me remind you of some of the ‘verbal gems‘ from Council staff:

After the case, Councillor Val SlaterBradford Council’s executive member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “……..  It is essential to protect the public from the harmful effects of smoke and we will continue to work hard to enforce the legislation throughout the district”.

ie, we need to prosecute any smoker who’s habit will/may cause great harm to the general public75% of whom don’t smoke. (This is despite the fact that SHS has since been proven harmless!) Remember this bit???

   As per members complaints I have written to this councillor who informs me that …. As a Council we are working actively to deal with air quality ….. yet smoking has nothing to do with such but road traffic, which pollutes Bradfords air every second of every day does and I see no bans on traffic! If she truly believes that smoking/smokers are the true cause of air pollution then she should have been calling for the maximum sentence as a deterrent to other would be cannabis factory growers! She also states ….. I do believe that the ban was introduced on health grounds and I am convinced by the health evidence…….“.

The so called ‘Health Evidence’, as we all know, is non existent!

The proof from eminent American lung specialists!

We now find that Bradford Council happily support people that actually grow their own tobacco illegally, in fact they have now shown that they support people who ‘home-grow’ their own cannabis-some of which they happily give to friends: so they fully endorse not only growing the illegal substance but also distributing said illegal, Class B drug (‘to friends’)! The hypocrisy is never ending!

Council workerNon Council worker

After pleading guilty to growing 34 cannabis plants in his cellar, Bradford Council supported Paul Marshall (46) with regard to his employment, hence he was spared a prison sentence and got off “scot-free” as the suspended sentence is neither here nor there!

“The judge, Recorder Robert Spragg, said he was of positive good character.”

“Of good character…..! of good character…..! of good character…..? So does this mean that any business that allows someone to enjoy a perfectly legal product to be smoked is NOT of good character, even though they have invested £thousands in creating their chosen business? Are we now to assume that to grow an illegal substance (4 kilo’s worth for smoking & distributing) is far less heinous than sitting in a private business property actually smoking a legal substance?

Congratulations to Bradford Council for showing the world that double standards are alive & kicking, no less, proving that the ‘tobacco corruption’ is never ending!

Perhaps some of you would like to contact Cnllr Slater and ask her a few questions with regard to the council’s stance on ‘its own’ as opposed to business oiwners simply trying to earn an ‘honest’  living!

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 Telephone(Res): – 01274 564099
Go on then….. you know you want to!