Utter stupidity!

I am sorry to have to say this but on this occasion I can find very little sympathy for the owner [Mr Rward Mrad] of an Acton (London) premises – a shisha cafe that wasn’t even a recognised cafe!

Council officers from the council forced entry to Mrad Shisha Café in The Vale at 7.30am on Thursday October 17 for its failure to comply with planning laws-they were accompanied by ‘plod’ of course! Isn’t it strange how these officious little nomarks are all puffed up & pompous when dictating the law to people but when it actually comes to raiding a premises (even a derelict, empty premises) they need ‘plod’ to be there to hold their sweaty little paws! They tell licensees to stop smokers smoking in a pub premises but they won’t march in and arrest any errant smokers because they are too frightnened of any retaliation!

     It appears that the premises was registered as a shop-fine, then it is a shop. It sells things which are usually placed in a bag and transported away from the ‘shop’ by the customer.

     It is not a premises that is registered as a cafe or is legally entitled (by the council) to act in the sale of anything appertaining to a cafe type business; ie, food & drink!

     Court costs and a victim surcharge were also added to his bill of some £7,000 already imposed by an April court hearing yet this could have quite easily walked round . The owner simply needed to place a couple of small tables either ‘out front’ or ‘out back’  and sell shisha pipes & relevant flavourings….. TO BE SMOKED OUTSIDE.

     No, he cannot serve drinks, but as a shop he can sell bottled drinks to be consumed outside! now outside is determined as immediately outside his shop door; ie, on the pavement, at Tower Bridge or Ealing Underground station!

He is NOT contravening any laws as all goods sold in his shop are being used/consumed outside the shop and the shop is not tradin g as a cafe; ie, customers are NOT sitting in the premises to consume edibles!

     Again I say, why will the shisha community not unite and listen to a guiding light? Mind you, it must be noted that we are getting more and more enquiries from the shisha community which can only be a good thing because until this law is amended (which it will be), petty minded council officials will make hay!

      But we are here to advise all shisha lovers of the way to avoid all these disgraceful prosecutions – and we can only hope that Mr Mrad has now left the country and this idiotic law behind him and set up home elsewhere becuase then, the amount of whatever penalties are imposed will not matter a jot!